Festival working group

A working group was originally formed in June 2008 and now comprises of members from all different walks of life, including human rights academics, experts, activists, civil society members and youth groups in Bangkok, Thailand.

Members of Working Group

  1. Dr. Mike Hayes, Office of the Human Rights & Social Development Program
  2. Mr. Boonthan T. Verawongse, Director, Amnesty International, Thailand
  3. Michael Miner, Regional Director, SEARCH-CIDA, Thailand
  4. Melinda MacDonald, Senior Program Manager, SEARCH-CIDA, Thailand
  5. Matt Friedman, Regional Project Manager, UNIAP
  6. Dr. Manirul Islam Khan, General Secretary, SHF
  7. Supawadee Petrat (Kratae), Thai Volunteer Service Foundation (TVS) & Peace Women Across the Globe (PWAG)
  8. Suwitra Wongwaree, Student, M.A in Human Right & Social Development Program, Mahidol University
  9. Duang-ramon, Paaptani, Thailand
  10. Rupa Dhital, Human Rights Activist, South Asia
  11. Ahmed Abid, Director of the Festival
  12. Lara Whalley, Festival Coordinator


  1. MA Paulien Dijkstra, the Netherlands, Candidate for Master program in Human Rights at Mahidol University, intern( program)
  2. Alexa Johns, Canada, Program Officer at the Office of Human Rights and Social Development, Mahidol University, intern (media)