Victim of gunfire by security personnel lies dead on Phulbari street

We are proud to announce the Move Media Rights Festival (MMRF), the first International Human Rights Film and Arts Festival ever held in Bangkok, Thailand. As this Film Festival has come to life at the moment of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is now the perfect time to put the spotlight on those human rights related issues affecting the Asian region. Moreover, Thailand is an excellent place to organize this event, as it is a hub of development and rights related activities. The goal of MMRF is to increase people's knowledge about human rights issues throughout Asia, by using film as a powerful artistic expression of people's resistance, dedication, and struggle for justice. As Asia continues to deal with pressing difficulties such as the avian influenza pandemic, the spread of HIV/AIDS, natural disasters, political instability and conflicts, migration and trafficking, it is important to shed light on these issues through film, as it can play an important role in transferring the message of human dignity, equality and freedom. By making sure that the voices of the people struggling for justice are heard, MMRF wants to create awareness, transform public thinking and encourage dialogue and action concerning human rights issues throughout Asia.

This event was originally scheduled for December 2008 but was postponed due to the political situation in Thailand.

Through the eye of the lens, many topics will be highlighted in the first edition of the Move Media Rights Festival:

The closing session in Bangkok will be followed by the Maria Therese Godskesen memorial lecture:

What can Film do for Human Rights?

We hope to see you at the first Move Media Rights Festival, May 1-3 at the October 14 Memorial, May 5 (Mae Sot) &May 7 (Chiang Mai).

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