Background information

Aaron Goodman, Journalist, Southern Thailand

The idea of organizing a traveling Human Rights Film and Arts Festival around the world at the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was initiated during the 3rd EIUC Summer School on Cinema and Human Rights held in Venice, Italy in 2007. With the technical support of Amnesty International in the Netherlands, through the CINEMA WITHOUT BORDERS project of MOVIES THAT MATTER Foundation, a starting point was made for organizing the Move Media Rights Festival in Thailand in early March, 2008. In this context, local key human rights organizations like the Office of the Human Rights & Social Development (OHRSD) of Mahidol University, Thailand, Amnesty International (AI) Thailand, Forum Asia and the Thai Film Foundation (TFF) agreed to support the project as official partners of this initiative. The South East Asia Regional Cooperation in Human Development (SEARCH) project, a CIDA project based in Bangkok has been supporting the project from the very beginning by providing assistance for participation in the EICU Summer School on Cinema & Human Rights and by providing technical assistance to make the mission successful.

As a result, the Move Media Project (MMP) is the core independent executive body to organize the first edition of Move Media Rights Festival (MMRF).